Pet Tech LA - Networking and Startup Showcase Event

Pet Tech LA - Networking and Startup Showcase Event

After a wildly successful Inaugural event in 2019 (and a pandemic pause), Pet Tech LA  is back on July 29th 2021, at the Plug & Play rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles. This in-person networking event for startups is organized by Basepaws and PCIN with the goal of bringing together the best pet startups and entrepreneurs in Southern California, establish new partnerships, investments, and build new connections. 


What to expect at the event

1. Panel Discussion

A panel discussion with successful pet startup entrepreneurs, Purina executives, investors, and Pet Care Innovation Prize evaluators.

William Broun, VP of Personalization at Scale at Purina

Anna Skaya, CEO and Founder, Basepaws

Jason Meltzer, Founder of Paway, former founder of Wag!

Neil Stanga, VP of Sales, Scratch Financial

Andrew Bleiman, EVP, Tractive

2. Adoptable Kittens

This year, we're partnering with Boomer's Buddies Rescue, raising donations for helping special needs pets get the care they deserve, and offering a free Basepaws DNA Test to any cat adopted at the event. 


3. Startup Showcase

A showcase of the most innovative pet startups in the region. Presentation booths, and elevator pitches from each of the 10 participating startups.

Airvet: On-demand pet care, connecting veterinarians and patients with ease. Airvet equips pet parents with the resource of a licensed vet whom they can contact at any time of the day with questions about their pet. Airvet helps to reduce clinic visits, get health questions answered quickly, and have care given from anywhere. 

Basepaws: A feline health company that developed the #1 at-home DNA and dental biome tests for cats. With a simple gum swab done in your home, you receive digital reports of your cat’s breeds, genetic health, and dental health predispositions, within weeks. 

Dogdrop: Offering products and locations designed to help dogs thrive, through exercise, social interaction, and basic training. Dogdrop lets dogs get together under supervision at locations with various plan options to fit their schedule. Their products are must-haves, made simple for every pet owner to use daily. 

Animal ID: A one-stop solution for pet owners to identify and register their pets within a global pet database, help return lost pets to their homes, organize travel, save pet documents and maintain health records.

Mella.aiCreators of the first underarm pet thermometer that enable pet parents to monitor and track temperature readings and data in a non-invasive and convenient way. Mella helps pet parents to know when to take their pet to the vet through the proactive use of a thermometer, and educates them on when to check their pet’s temp to monitor their health and well-being. 

Pets on QManaging the careers of trained pet professionals in the entertainment industry. Pets on Q ensures pet welfare and safety are prioritized in entertainment settings. Their mission is to create trust between the entertainment industry and the animals who work in it, and they show this dedication by changing how the industry collaborates with animals. 

KwikVet: 24/7 app to access top veterinarians for instant telemedicine triage and follow up house calls that solve most issues safely at home. KwikVet assigns a veterinarian to a pet for as long as the pet requires health assistance. This personalized care and attentiveness to pet parents ensures continuity of care and peace of mind that their pet’s health is being prioritized.

Gallant: Stem cell banking for pets, as seen on Shark Tank. Gallant allows for long-term health and well-being of pets to be accessible and available. By extracting stem-cell tissue during a vet appointment, the doors to regenerative medicine are opened for the pet. Later in life the stem cells can be used in therapeutic treatments that can help or even fix conditions in a natural way.

TractiveReal-time GPS tracking for pets. Tractive lets pet parents know where their pet is at all times conveniently on their smartphone. A pet’s location is precise and updates every 2-3 seconds for reassurance of knowing where they are and instilling confidence that they won’t be lost. Pet parents set up areas where their pet should be and are notified on their phones if their pet leaves the designated areas. 

PawayThe first GPS-based social app for people who love to walk their dogs. Paway is the perfect app to save time, make walks interesting for both pet parents and pets, and to help make the walks safe. The app suggests different routes based on how long the pet parent wishes to make the walk, changes up the routes to make walking more fun, and alerts owners of other dogs and potential safety hazards on their routes. 

HuanA nationwide, automatic lost-and-found network designed specifically for pets. Huan gives peace of mind to pet parents that their pet will not get lost. Huan sends alerts to your phone if your pet is detected away from home Huan has a selection of tag designs to choose from to be perfect for each pet which do not need to be recharged, and even has a Home Alone Mode that will text emergency contacts if an emergency occurs. 

3. Networking

A networking opportunity like no other, where you'll be able to mingle with investors and pet influencers alike, discussing the latest in wearable pet-tech, or the role of social media in pet-care. Startups will also have a chance to apply for the 2022 Pet Care Innovation Prize, and speak to the judges (evaluators) directly.

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