Basepaws Gives

Celebrating All Cats

We are donating a portion of all sales, helping more shelter cats get adopted. 

We work with all organizations making this world better for cats in need.

If you are a registered nonprofit, you can become a #BasepawsGives partner and receive powerful tools to support your work:

Driving donations:

Basepaws will donate a percentage of sales to your organization.

Exposure and brand awareness:

You will be featured in our newsletter, PR and on social media.


As a #BasepawsGives partner, you will get exclusive access to our behavior and wellness coaching, online community, and educational online webinars.

Adoption Support:

Basepaws will offer discounted genetic testing for all your kitties, helping you understand each cat’s needs and traits better.


Featured Programs & Initiatives

Basepaws Gives

In October Basepaws donated $10,000 to support pets rescued from Hurricane Ida.

Feline Dental Health

Feline Dental Health starts at home. Catch our social media campaigns supported by local shelters and rescues, promoting a dental health routine for your cats.

DNA donate

We regularly donate  DNA test to special needs, senior, or length-of-stay cats, encouraging faster adoptions, and promoting stronger human-animal bond. Email us at 

Feline good series

We organize monthly "Feline Good" Yoga with Cats Classes, donating all ticket proceeds to our #Basepaws Gives Partners. Join HERE.

We're proudly working with:

Are you a donor or would like to sponsor one of our programs? No matter how small the donation, we thank you. Email us at