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Proactive Pet Care

Breed + Health Cat DNA Test

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With our Breed + Health Cat DNA Test, you can estimate your tabby’s origins to more than 21 breed types and 4 breed regions. Your cat's breed influences their temperament, personality, traits, and, most importantly, hereditary genetic health conditions.

We provide results for over 114 known feline genetic markers—64 markers for genetic health conditions and 50 markers for traits. You also get your cat’s risk scores for having any of the 3 most common dental conditions.

With personalized results for your cat, you can make informed decisions to support your best friend’s optimal health. After all... knowing is caring!

Get the overview of breeds with which your cat shares genetic similarity.

Basepaws analyzes your cat’s genome and compares it to the genomes of the many thousands of cats that are in our pedigree reference panel to find similarities. We work with modern pedigree breeders to acquire our pedigree DNA samples and, to date, our reference panel includes the fully sequenced DNA of cats from 21 top pedigree breeds. These breeds fall into four main breed groups: Western (from Europe and the Americas), Eastern (from Asia), Persian (Persian and related cats), and Exotic (hybrids and Egyptian Mau).

Screen for health risks and diseases so you and your cat can snuggle longer.

Our Breed + Health Cat DNA Test is a one-of-a-kind proactive health tool that screens your cat's mouth for signs of active dental disease (periodontal disease, tooth resorption, halitosis) and lets you know whether or not your cat is genetically predisposed to 43 feline diseases.

Learn about the genes and mutations that are responsible for your cat's unique physical appearance.

We now screen your cat’s DNA for 25 genetic traits, and they fall into five categories: coat length, coat color and pattern, coat texture, body morphology, susceptibility to viral infection.

Identify dental disease earlier so your cat doesn't have to suffer without you knowing.

It’s incredibly powerful to have knowledge at your fingertips that lets you know if your pet may be silently suffering from a dental disease that, if left untreated, could turn into a costly emergency situation (e.g., tooth extraction) that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We test for three main common dental disease in cats: periodontal disease, tooth resorption, and bad breath (halitosis).

1-click share with your veterinarian - vets love our actionable insights for highly personalized pet health.

The sooner you know about your cat's health risks, the sooner you can partner with your veterinarian for proactive precision care. Bringing your cat to the veterinarian for regular wellness checks is an essential part of a successful overall health strategy. After sharing your cat’s oral health report results with your vet, you can expect them to perform a visual examination of your cat's mouth during your cat’s next wellness exam. This will help them to determine any additional steps to take with you to support your cat’s proactive care regimen.

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Receive results in 4-6 weeks.

Genetic Health Markers & Blood Type Screening.
Genetic Health Markers & Blood Type Screening.
The upgraded digital report will provide results for over 114 known feline genetic markers, including new markers for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the most common form of heart disease in cats. Another new feature includes genetic markers for blood type. Knowledge of a cat’s blood type can be helpful to the cat breeding process as well as support life-saving medical decisions, such as when a cat needs an emergency blood transfusion.
    A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat.
    Your cats won't tell you when they're sick. We test for 64 genetic markers, reporting on mutation carrier status and predisposition to 43 diseases, including:
    • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
    • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
    • Retinal degeneration
    • Myotonia
    A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat.
    Dental disease. It's a reality for most cats.
    Dental disease. It's a reality for most cats.
    Your cat can’t raise their paw and tell you their mouth hurts. Because of this ability to hide pain, usually when they exhibit the common signs, the disease is advanced and needs medical attention. This makes oral microbiome testing so critical, especially for cats!
      Let Their Genome Do the Talking.
      What part of your cat genome is similar to a Western Maine Coon? An Eastern Burmese? Or a perfectly adorable Domestic Polycat? Using our world-class feline genomic database, Basepaws can estimate your tabby’s genomic similarity to more than 21 breed types and 4 breed regions.
        Let Their Genome Do the Talking.
        How the Basepaws Oral Health Test Saved This Cat’s Life.
        Read our customer stories

        How the Basepaws Oral Health Test Saved This Cat’s Life.

        Basepaws Cat "Baby" was always a happy and healthy kitty. When the Basepaws Oral Health Test discovered that he was at medium risk for several feline dental conditions, Baby’s parents took him to the veterinarian. In preparation for Baby’s dental cleaning, the veterinarian uncovered a health issue that saved Baby’s life. We interviewed Corinne, Baby's guardian, and here is their story.

        Read the story
        Easy, clear results delivered to your email

        Easy, clear results delivered to your email

        View example DNA report

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Once you receive your cat’s DNA kit in the mail, follow the detailed instructions for sample collection and barcode registration located on the inside of the CatKit box. After collecting your sample, send it back to us in the provided prepaid packaging. We will notify you via email once your sample is received.

        Your report will be available in 4-6 weeks from the date your sample arrives at our laboratory. We are working on trying to shorten this time frame as much as possible. In the rare cases where a sample fails internal quality checks and needs to be reprocessed, we will contact you regarding the next steps.

        Long-term, we plan to provide the results within 4 weeks.

        Every sample helps us create the biggest database of feline genetic data.

        Breed is among our top priorities. We test by analyzing your cat’s DNA sample to uncover how genetically similar it is to the DNA of 21 different modern-day purebred cat breeds, as well as to all the other cat DNA samples we receive from customers just like you. Not all breeds are included (yet!), but we work with top breeders to get enough viable DNA samples from other breeds so that we might include them in our panel in the future. As we expand our kitty community, your cat's report findings will continue to be refined and show an ever-evolving breed percentage profile. Take a look at our sample report to get an idea of how we provide a percentage breakdown of your cat's shared genetic similarity with top 21 modern-day purebred breeds.

        Yes. For all orders in the continental U.S., a pre-paid return shipping label is included in every kit. Simply register your kit, swab your cat, and send it back to us.

        *INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS outside of the U.S.: Return postage is NOT included.

        Yes! We charge $15 for International shipping (return shipping NOT included).

        PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs taxes or duties. Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. This applies only to International and Canadian orders.

        Keep your cat's wellness top-of-mind by making at-home care a priority!

        Keep your cat's wellness top-of-mind by making at-home care a priority!

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