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What we do here at Basepaws is really exciting. It’s exciting for cat owners. It’s exciting for science. It’s also fascinating, new, novel, and a great way to connect people with their pets.

The future of feline DNA testing is here

At Basepaws, we care about cats so much - we think they can change the world. We think cat health is critical and genetics is one of the pillars of optimal cat care. As cat parents, we want to know everything about our cats. We want there to be more feline research. We want those findings to improve the lives of our cats, and cats everywhere.

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Why get your cat’s DNA sequenced?

How does the process

It’s a little bit of meowgik. As soon as your
kitty’s cheek swab sample arrives at our Los
Angeles laboratory, we set to work on
extracting the DNA and starting the
discovery of what makes your cat special.
Did you know that your cat’s DNA contains
more than 20,000 genes? What’s more,
they’re spelled out in a unique genetic code
that’s around 2,700,000,000 letters
(nucleotide bases) long.

Basepaws uses state-of-the-art sequencing
machines to read and record these letters.
We then compile the results into a
one‑of‑a‑kind report packed full of valuable
information about your cat’s unique genetic

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Discover DNA story

Report breakdown

Lifetime of Breed Update

More cat science added to your

We compare your cat’s DNA sequence to
sequences from other Basepaws cats and
the scientific community. Some sections of
DNA contain genes that have already been
studied and are linked to specific diseases
or physical traits. Other sections of DNA
contain genes that are currently unknown.
And that’s where the meowgic comes in –
our mission is to unlock those secrets. Every
kitty we sequence brings us one step closer
to identifying the purpose of these mystery
genes and why they matter for all cats.

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Basepaws Forever: Lifetime of Updates and DNA Mews

All it takes is a simple cheek swab to unlock the mystery, and unlike other DNA services, the Basepaws Report is a living, changing document. You will receive a lifetime of updates on your cat's breed groups for free, and more traits and health markers for an additional fee. As our database grows, so will your understanding of your cat.

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