Siamese Tabby Mix Cats: Everything You Need To Know

Siamese Tabby Mix Cats: Everything You Need To Know

It's always a good idea to research which breed of cat would fit best with your lifestyle. There are many breeds to choose from, and making a decision can be daunting. However, if you’re in the market for an affectionate and intelligent cat, take a look you may want to consider a Siamese tabby mix. Their personalities are purrfect if you prefer a pet who is always happy to engage with you! 

Let’s take an in-depth look at what you can expect when you adopt a Siamese tabby as a pet. 

Why Are Siamese And Tabby Mix Cats So Popular?

Cat aficionados appreciate the tabby point Siamese cat’s physical beauty and agreeable personality. Siamese cats have always proved popular with pet owners, so fans of the Siamese breed were fascinated by this attractive and affectionate newcomer.

The affable nature of "Sam and Tabby" mix cats is another reason they are coveted by pet owners. They are less stand-offish than many other breeds and are the most content when cuddled up to their person, and they usually have a favorite in the household.

A beautiful and cute blue-eyed Siamese cat is lying on a woolen carpet and looking into a laptop.

The First Records Of The Cat

It’s believed Siamese tabby mix cats originated in the United Kingdom sometime in the early 1940s. This occurrence was likely an unplanned one, like most animal hybrids. Their popularity prompted cat breeders to produce more Siamese tabby kittens to meet the demand. 

Physical Characteristics Of Tabby Siamese Mix Cats

A tabby Siamese cat, also referred to as lynx point Siamese, is a beautiful breed with unique and exotic features. Here are some of the factors that make tabby Siamese mix cats so attractive to pet owners:

Thai Siamese tabby cat with striking blue eyes, sitting on grey blanket.

Colors And Patterns

A tabby Siamese cat has several distinctive characteristics. These include a long tail and ringed markings around their eyes, cheeks, and legs. This breed also has brilliant triangular blue eyes inherited from the Siamese side of the family. 

Siamese and tabby mix cats boast an array of eye-catching hues, including red, apricot, and blue. This breed also has the dark ‘M’ forehead marking indicative of tabby cats.

Body Structure

Breeders are divided over what constitutes the ideal Siamese Tabby cat body shape. One camp prefers the streamlined appearance typical of the breed, while others favor a more rounded-out physique that results from cross-breeding to promote genetic diversity.

Average Size

Tabby Siamese cats are medium-sized felines and a good choice for smaller living spaces and toting your fur baby along with you. In general, female Siamese tabbies weigh in at 7.7 lbs to 10.6 lbs. Males are slightly heavier at 9.9 lbs to 12.1 lbs. Not including their tail, most tabby point Siamese cats are 17-22 inches in length


A Siamese tabby mix has an average lifespan of roughly 15-20 years, and sometimes much longer. A Siamese tabby’s longevity is dependent on many factors, including the cat’s diet and the amount of exercise they get.

Half tabby, half Siamese cats are susceptible to traumatic injuries to their skin and fractured bones. Siamese cats are athletic and active felines but lack the protection of a long, thick coat. This means they are easily injured in falls and fights. Siamese Tabby mix cats are also more prone to cancer compared to other cat breeds. This tendency is believed to be genetic in origin.

Character And Personality Traits

Siamese tabby mix cats are total lovebugs and adore snuggling up with their favorite humans and demanding to be petted. They crave your affection and attention, almost to a fault. A tabby Siamese cat will always want to be near you because they suffer from separation anxiety when you are absent. 

Young woman sitting at desk and cuddling her lovely cat, togetherness and pets concept

Siamese tabbies dislike being left home alone, so if you’re away a lot you should consider this before adopting them as a pet. Also keep in mind this breed isn't known for tolerating competition on their turf. The younger your Siamese tabby is, the easier it is to introduce to another feline roommate. These cats can be shy around strangers, so it is important to socialize with them from a young age.

Consider a scratching post or something similar for your tabby point Siamese. It could prevent your cat from getting lonely and ripping your belongings to shreds while you're away from home. 

So, be forewarned that bored Siamese tabby cats can be destructive. Their active nature needs to find release somewhere, and hopefully, it is not clawing your couch. A good way to deter this kind of behavior is to ensure that you've created a home environment that is safe and engaging. Learn more about how to do this in our blog titled,  Environmental Enrichment - Catification.

Half Siamese half tabby cats are intelligent and strong-willed, which often makes them challenging to train. Patience and perseverance are the name of the game, but do not be shocked if your furbaby wins the battle of wills.

A tabby point Siamese cat inherits its impressive vocal performance from the Siamese side of the family. Be late with their dinner or too busy to pick them up and prepare for a kitty cussing out.

Does The Tabby Siamese Mix Cat Make A Good Pet?

They definitely do. Siamese Tabby cats are well-known for their fun-loving and sweet personality. If you want a devoted, constant companion, a half tabby/half Siamese cat could be a wonderful addition to your family. 

How To Take Care Of The Tabby Siamese Mix Cat

Siamese tabby mix cats are renowned for their beautiful striped markings and bright blue eyes, but they are also prone to certain health risks. To stay happy and thriving, they will require some help from their humans. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your Siamese tabby mix cat.

Orange tabby cat grooming a regular tabby cat.


If you adopt a tabby Siamese kitten, be forewarned that properly grooming your new friend is essential to avoid health risks a Siamese tabby mix cat is prone to develop. 

For example, tabby point Siamese cats have no problem keeping their fur groomed, but reaching their ears requires pet-parent intervention. It is important to check your cat’s ears at least weekly. If your tabby point Siamese has any wax in their ears, it is your job to remove it and clean it. Wetting toilet paper or cotton balls are efficient ways to clean the ears. If you find this task difficult, be sure to get in touch with your veterinarian for assistance. 

You also need to trim your Siamese tabby’s claws. Trimming your cat’s claws is often easier said than done, so if you have any problems reach out to your vet. Your cat’s claws need trimming two or three times a month depending on how quickly they grow. It's a good idea to start nail-clipping a tabby Siamese kitten’s claws as early as possible. You’ll have more success if your furry friend is familiar with the process from the get-go. 

Another factor to keep in mind is that a Siamese tabby mix is prone to periodontal disease, just like humans are. To avoid this condition, taking care of your tabby point Siamese cat’s oral health is an essential part of being a pet parent. This means you need to brush your cat’s teeth every day if you can swing it. If you can only brush weekly or monthly, go ahead and do it. Some brushing is preferable to no brushing.

Nutrition and Exercise

Despite their lean appearance, Siamese tabbies tend to put on weight, so it’s vital to feed them a low-calorie, high-protein diet. Make sure you set aside time for playing and exercise. Siamese tabby mixes are more active than many other cat breeds, and they need lots of opportunities to burn some energy and fat. 

Young woman doing yoga with her cat in front of a laptop


Siamese tabby mixes have less hair than other cat breeds, meaning they shed less than their fellow felines. This makes them a low-maintenance pet, at least as far as cleaning up cat hair goes.


Although Siamese Tabby mixes aren't as abundant as their parent breeds are, they're gaining in popularity. These cats are born lovers, and they’ll happily spend hours curled up in your lap, soaking up your adoration. If you want an affectionate, attentive pet companion, a Siamese tabby could be the perfect choice for you.

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Woman holding her cat while sitting on couch

Frequently Asked Questions

Siamese Tabby mix cats are affectionate, playful, and strong-willed.

Aside from their striking appearance, these friendly, people-loving kitties are the perfect lap cats.

Yes, especially if you're home most of the time. Siamese tabbies are happiest when their humans are nearby.

Your kitty requires exercise and play, a healthy diet, regular grooming, and lots of love.

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