10 Ways That Cats Make Amazing Moms

10 Ways That Cats Make Amazing Moms

On Mother’s Day we usually celebrate the wonderful human moms -  but let’s also take a moment to appreciate all the amazing, caring, nurturing momma cats out there. Cat moms need some credit too! Read 10 reasons we believe cats make AMAZING moms.

Cat Mom Fact #1: They are queens

Quite literally. Did you know that male cats are called ‘toms’, and unspayed female cats are called ‘queens’? No joke! It began in England a long time ago and has stuck around since. We think the name is pretty fitting though, honestly. 

Cat Mom Fact #2: They can have babies days apart

Imagine being in labor for days… that’s similar to what a cat often has to go through. Since their mating window lasts for a few days,  the cat could have a set of kittens today, and then in a few days have some more! Is your mind blown already?

Cat Mom Fact #3: Baby daddy drama

We aren’t trying to stir up any drama here, but it’s a fact that cat moms can have different partners resulting in their kittens being from different fathers. The mating window for a momma cat can last for a week, so depending on what she’s up to… the kitten results could be a little surprising! 

Cat Mom Fact #4: The purrrrrr

We LOVE hearing cats purr, it generally means they are happy! But, it can also mean something else. Did you know that cats actually purr when giving birth? This is a self-relaxation technique they use during labor. We might have to try that next time we are stressed.

Cat Mom Fact #5: The kitten call

As many moms do, cat moms have a way to summon their young with a special sound. Each cat mom has a different sound but generally, it’s a type of a “chirp” that calls to their babies.

Cat Mom Fact #6: They have a lot of babies

For many moms, the pain of giving birth to one child is scarring enough. Imagine having 19! The largest litter in history is 19 kittens by one cat mom. The average litter size is 1-9. 

Cat Mom Fact #7: Varying number of nipples

Cat moms can have anywhere from 4 nipples to 10! Hey… those kittens each need their own space to drink that milk!

Cat Mom Fact #8: They get dirty

This might sound unsettling, but cat moms will eat their babies pee and poop as they are litter box training, to keep them clean. Now THAT is dedication! 

Cat Mom Fact #9: Going into heat… fresh out of a litter

Did you know that cat moms can go into heat while still nursing their most recent litter? Their bodies are so interesting! Pregnancy in cats is something that should definitely be learned. The process of giving birth is different than other animals!

Cat Mom Fact #10: They help their babies explore

After about 3 weeks, kittens start exploring the world and the cat moms will help them. They use that kitten call we mentioned earlier to summon them if kittens venture “too far”. 

We hope you enjoyed learning these facts about how cats make amazing moms! Enjoy your cat extra special today,  and say a little “thank you” to the cat mom out there who gave birth to your little miracle. But don’t forget - unless you’re a breeder, spaying cats is a responsible thing to do to prevent overpopulation and to ensure no kitty is left homeless.

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